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Pivot Hearing Leasing Program Signup

Increase sales, revenue predictability, and loyalty for your practice.

The Pivot Hearing leasing program allows you to offer your patients brand new technology at an affordable monthly cost with no down payment. Together with Allegro Credit's technology and customer service, the program offers several monthly payment options, a structured upgrade and renewal process, and lower upfront out-of-pocket costs, allowing patients to upgrade their hearing devices more frequently. Today's patients are used to purchasing goods and services on a subscription or access basis (think Netflix, Spotify, etc.) and are often immediately convinced of the benefits when they hear about hearing aid leasing.

Using the program is easy. Credit decisions are immediate, the application is electronic, and funds are received quickly. Here's how it works:

Fit and purchase devices as you normally would.

  • Patient signs lease agreement online.
  • Allegro will fund your practice for the devices and treatment, less the residual value, and collect the monthly payment from the patient.
  • Renewal and upgrade options are available during and after completion of the lease.

Take advantage of this new and attractive tool that allows yet another way for your patients to buy hearing aids from your practice. Enroll now.

With this program you will:

  • Offer premium hearing aid technology with financial flexibility
  • Create patient loyalty and access to the latest hearing aid technology
  • Increase patient access to the latest hearing aid technology

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